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Assistant Professor
Department of Linguistics

Affiliate Professor
Institute for Advanced Computational Science

Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-4376

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Tue 16 January 2018: Paper
Grammar Size and Quantitative Restrictions on Movement
Thu 04 January 2018: Talk
Grammar Size and Quantitative Restrictions on Movement
Fri 15 December 2017: Talk
One Reason to Move, a Million Reasons to Be an Island: Third-Factor Explanations from Computational Syntax
Fri 15 December 2017: Talk
Subregular Morpho-Semantics: The Expressive Limits of Monomorphemic Quantifiers
Sat 28 October 2017: Talk
Locality Domains and Phonological c-Command over Strings
Sat 21 October 2017: Talk
Syntax in Phonology? C-Command over Strings
Sat 22 July 2017: Talk
Evaluating Subregular Distinctions in the Complexity of Generalized Quantifiers
Fri 14 July 2017: Talk
Graph Transductions and Typological Gaps in Morphological Paradigms